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Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa
Chaṭṭha Saṅgāyana (Roman)



Edits of files

Following edits have been made in the 2698 content pages in each of the current 4 scripts (cs-rm, cs-km, cs-th, cs-ru).

See also: replacements done and discussion in the work forum.

Replacements initial

The generous given xml-files have been converted into uft-8 format (by the generosity of Upasaka Moritz) and the tags, the syntax, has been rendered to match the needs in this environment.

See also “General info”, “Renaming of source files” and the topic in the work-forum: [] CSCD xml to format: converting, editing.

Changes 22. Feb, 2019

Changes before upload, made by Samana Johann, with given Notepad++ possibilities.

search replacement
Center text <p rend=[^\w]centre[^\w]>(.*?)<\/p> <div centeralign>$1</div>
Paragraph <p rend=[^\w]bodytext[^\w] n=[^\w]([^<>]*?)[^\w]><hi rend=[^\w]paranum[^\w]>([^<>]*?)<\/hi><hi rend=[^\w]dot[^\w]>\.<\/hi>([^\n]*?)<\/p>[\s]* <span para #para_$1>[$2]</span>$3\n\n
Paragraph different<p rend=[^\w]bodytext[^\w] n=[^\w]([^<>]*?)[^\w]><hi rend=[^\w]paranum[^\w]>([^<>]*?)[. ]*?<\/hi>[. ]*?([^\n]*?)<\/p>[\s]* <span para #para_$1>[$2]</span> $3\n\n
Various anchors <pb ed=[^\w]([^<>]*?)[^\w] n=[^\w]([^<>]*?)[^\w][\s]*\/> <span anchor #$1_$2></span>
Text without para. <p rend=[^\w]bodytext[^\w]>([^\n]+?)<\/p>[\s]* $1\n\n
Notes <note>([^<>]+?)<\/note> <span note>$1<\/span>
Gathas <p rend=[^\w]gatha([^<>]*?)[^\w]>([^\n]+)<\/p>[\s]* <div gatha$1>$2</div>\n\n
Text + anchor gathas <p rend=[^\w]hangnum[^\w] n=[^\w]([^<>]*?)[^\w]><hi rend=[^\w]paranum[^\w]>([^<>]*?)<\/hi>[. ]*<hi rend=[^\w]dot[^\w]>[. ]*<\/hi>[. ]*([^\n]*)<\/p>[\s]* <div hangnum><span para #para_$1>[$2]</span></div> $3\n\n
Bold <hi rend=[^\w]bold[^\w]>([^\n]+?)<\/hi> **$1**
Nikaya <p rend=[^\w]nikaya[^\w]>([^<>]*?)<\/p> <div centeralign #nikaya>**$1**</div>\n<span sang_id #{file--}>[[{path-release}:{file--}|{file--}]] | [[{path-source}:{file}#{file--}|source]]</span>
Book header <p rend=[^\w]book[^\w]>([^<>]*?)<\/p> ======== $1 ========\n<span sang_id #{file-}>[[{path-release}:{file-}|{file-}]] | [[{path-source}:{file}#{file-}|source]]</span>
Chapter header <p rend=[^\w]chapter[^\w]>([^<>]*?)<\/p> ======= $1 =======\n<span sang_id #{file}>[[{path-release}:{file}|{file}]] | [[{path-source}:{file}#{file}|source]]</span>
Title header <p rend=[^\w]title[^\w]>([^<>]*?)<\/p> ===== $1 =====\n<span sang_id #{file+}>[[{path-release}:{file+}|{file+}]] | [[{path-source}:{file}#{file+}|source]]</span>
Subhead header <p rend=[^\w]subhead[^\w]>([^<>]*?)<\/p> ==== $1 ====\n<span sang_id #{file-}.{no}>[[{path-release}:{file-}.{no}|{file-}.{no}]] | [[{path-source}:{file}#{file-}.{no}|source]]</span>
Subhead header with span<p rend=[^\w]subhead[^\w]>([^<>]*?)<span note>([^<>]*?)<\/span>([^<>]*?)<\/p> ==== $1$3 ====\n<div centeralign>**$1<span note>$2</span>$3**</div>\n<span sang_id #{file-}.{no}>[[{path-release}:{file-}.{no}|{file-}.{no}]] | [[{path-source}:{file}#{file-}.{no}|source]]</span>
Subsubhead header <p rend=[^\w]subsubhead[^\w]>([^<>]*?)<\/p> === $1 ===\n<span sang_id #{file-}.{no+}>[[{path-release}:{file-}.{no+}|{file-}.{no+}]] | [[{path-source}:{file}#{file-}.{no+}|source]]</span>
Page header & footer ^(.*?)<body>(.*?)<\/body>(.*)$ <div #cs-rm>\n{{section>en:tech:template_includes#cs-rm_header&nouser&nodate&noheader&noeditbutton&firstsectiononly}}\n<span hide>{file}</span>$2{{section>en:tech:template_includes#cs-rm_footer&nouser&nodate&noheader&noeditbutton&firstsectiononly}}\n</div>
indent/unindented p <p rend=[^\w](indent|unindented)[^\w]>([^\n]+)<\/p>[\s]* <div $1>$2</div>\n\n

Replacements of placeholders

Replacing of the placeholders in the up-loaded files are to be rendered by a script on the server (generously done by Upasaka Moritz). Following pattern serves for the task:

This are the placeholders made before uploading the files, incl. the placeholders for the two kind of paths {path-source} {path-release}, filename-part {file-}, filename {file} and number {no}.

  • {path-source}: {lang}:{section}:{file}
  • {lang}: cs-rm or cs-km or cs-th or cs-ru
  • {section}: tipitaka or anya or atthakatha or tika; according to the file-name-end *_any, *_att, *_tik, or * (no “_” for “tipitaka”)
  • {path-release}: {lang}:{section}:{pitaka}:{nikaya}:({sub-nikaya}:){chapter}:({title}:){no}:
  • {file}: {pitaka}.{nikaya}.({subnikaya}.){book}.({title}.){chapter}.{no}_{section}
  • {file-}: id/file-name-release reduced by one namespace
  • {file–}: id/file-name-release reduced by two namespaces
  • {file+}: id/file-name-release increased by one namespaces

Note that “subhead” has sometimes {file} (dn), {file-} (an,sn,kn sometimes) or {file–} (mn). Files in att, any, tik may be even more various. Any further renderings, to match the id's proper, may be made in detail online via the regex-plugin (see further chapters below).

Initial replacements of placeholders in reduced form have been generously executed by Upasaka Moritz on 24. Feb. 2019 via a script on the server (see details here).

Further renderings and corrections are made/will be made via “regex” within the Dokuwiki-software.

Saṅgha Tipiṭaka Pāḷi Info
on courtesy of Vipassana Research Insititute, Igatpuri India

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