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Off-site Resources


Title: Off-site Resources: Audio recordings and streams


Off-site Resources

Audio recordings and streams

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Note: I can't vouch for the quality of all the materials offered on the external sites listed here. Some are more useful than others. Use your own best judgment. To report errors or to recommend sites to add to this list, please contact me.

If you need assistance with any aspect of accessing audio Dhamma (i.e., if you have trouble downloading any of the audio recordings listed below, or if you'd like help burning audio Dhamma CDs, or making MP3 files) please contact Michael Sproul (email: <tt>michaelalansproul [AT] yahoo [DOT] com),</tt> who has kindly volunteered his time to help make audio Dhamma available to all.

The audio on the sites listed below is in English unless otherwise noted.</p>



Suttas in English

<ul class='faviconLinks'> <li>Ancient Buddhist Texts (Malaysia; MP3): Audio recordings of suttas translated by Anandajoti Bhikkhu.</li> <li>Audio Tipitaka (MP3): Sutta readings in Pali, English and more. A wiki-style collection of audio recordings of sutta readings.</li> <li>SuttaReadings (USA; MP3): Suttas selected and read aloud by Theravada teachers.</li> </ul>

Pali chanting

<ul class='faviconLinks'>

<li>BuddhaNet Audio (Australia; RealAudio and MP3): A collection of chants from various Theravada traditions (in Pali and English).</li>

<li>Chant Pali (MP3): A collection of Pali chants, with pronunciation guides and translation (in Pali and English).</li>

<li>Dhammalehrreden (USA; MP3): Pali chanting by the Wat Metta Sangha</li>


<span anchor #streams>Dhamma talks (downloads and streams)</span>

<ul class='faviconLinks'>

<li>Abhayagiri Monastery (USA; MP3 and RealAudio): Dhamma talks by monastics from Abhayagiri.</li>

<li>Aruna Ratanagiri (Harnham Buddhist Monastery, Northern UK; MP3): Dhamma talks by the resident monks: Ajahn Munindo (abbot), Ajahn Abhinando and Ajahn Punnyo.</li>

<li>Audio Dharma (USA; MP3): An extensive catalogue of Dhamma talks by more than two dozen western teachers, including Thanissaro Bhikkhu.</li>

<li>Ayya Khema Talks (USA; MP3): More than 400 Dhamma talks by the late Ayya Khema.</li>

<li>Beyond the Net (Sri Lanka; MP3): Sutta discussions with Bhikkhu Bodhi and Dhamma talks by several Sri Lankan teachers.</li>

<li>Bhavana Society (USA; MP3; Podcast): Dhamma talks by Bhante H. Gunaratana and Bhante Y. Rahula given to the Bhavana Society community and to visitors during retreats.</li>

<li>Bodhi Monastery (USA; MP3): Bhikkhu Bodhi's excellent series of ten lectures on the Buddha's teachings, as well his weekly lectures on selected suttas from the Majjhima Nikaya.</li>

<li>BuddhaNet Audio (Australia; RealAudio and MP3): Dhamma talks by a wide assortment of teachers.</li>

<li>Buddhist Society of Western Australia (Australia; MP3): Dhamma talks by several western monastics and senior Thai monks.</li>

<li>Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation (Taiwan; MP3): Dhamma talks by Bhikkhu Bodhi and others.</li>

<li>Dhammadownload (Singapore; WMA & MP3): Dhamma talks by Burmese sayadaws and lay teachers.</li>

<li>Dhammasala Buddhist Monastery (USA; MP3): Dhamma talks by Ajahn Khemasanto.</li>

<li>Dhammalehrreden (USA; MP3): Dhamma talks von Thanissaro Bhikkhu of Metta Forest Monastery<!– Metta Forest Monastery –>.</li>

<li> (USA): A nonprofit publisher and distributor of recordings of meditation instructions and teachings by teachers from the Insight Meditation Society.</li>

<li>Dharmastream (USA; MP3): Dhamma talks by the teachers from the Insight Meditation Society (USA).</li>

<li>eDhamma: A Window to Theravada Buddhism (USA; RealAudio): Dhamma talks by Burmese teachers.</li>

<li>Forest Dhamma Books (Thailand; zipped MP3): Dhamma talks by Ajahn Paññavaddho.</li>

<li>The Forest Hermitage (UK; Windows Media Audio): Dhamma talks by Ajahn Khemadhammo.</li>

<li>Forest Monastery of Barn Tard (Thailand; RealAudio & Windows Media Audio): Dhamma talks by Ajaan Maha Boowa.</li>

<li>Forest Sangha (UK; CDs, MP3) is a portal page for the monastic communities of disciples of Ehrwürdige Ajahn Chah, particularly in the West. It offers links to recorded talks by teachers in that tradition.</li>

<li>Forest Sangha Audio (UK; MP3) Dhamma talks in MP3 format by the European monastic communities of disciples of Ehrwürdige Ajahn Chah.</li>

<!– jtb 20120210: this site is now password-protected and therefore useless to ATI readers. <li> (MP3): Dhamma talks in English by several teachers, including the late Ayya Khema and Leigh Brasington.</li> –>

<!– <li>Metta Forest Monastery (USA; MP3): Dhamma talks given at the monastery by Ajaan Geoff (Thanissaro Bhikkhu), in both English and Thai.</li> –>

<li>Pariyatti (USA; MP3): Dhamma Podcasts from S.N. Goenka and others. </li>

<li>Sitavana/Birken Forest Monastery (Canada; MP3): 3000+ Dhammalehrreden for download, all in the Theravadan Buddhist Thai forest tradition.</li>

<li>Tara Brach (USA; MP3): Dhamma talks by Tara Brach.</li>

<li>Tathagata Meditation Center (USA; MP3, RealAudio): Dhamma talks by Sayadaws U Pandita, U Silananda, and Beeling.</li>

<li>Tisarana Buddhist Monastery (Canada; MP3; podcast available): Dhamma talks by Ajahn Viradhammo.</li>


Dhamma talks (cassettes and CDs)

<ul class='faviconLinks'>

<li>Audio Dharma (USA): An extensive catalogue of Dhamma talks by more than two dozen western teachers, including Thanissaro Bhikkhu.</li>

<li>Bhavana Society (USA; MP3 CDs): A series of Dhamma talks by Bhante H. Gunaratana from meditation retreats he conducted at the Bhavana Society.</li>


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