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 +<div dic_box><​div centeralign>​**akāliko {pi}**</​div>​
 +Pāḷi; √ [[akāliko]] \\
 +//gender:// …\\
 +//type:// …\\
 +//alt. sp.:// //IPA//: əkɑːlɪkoː,​ Velthuis: akaaliko, //​readable//:​ akaaliko, //simple//: akaliko\\
 +//​translation ~:// …\\
 +//skr.:// …\\
 +//khmer:// [[km:​dictionary:​អកាលិកោ]]\\
 +//thai:// [[th:​dictionary:​อกาลิโก]]\\
 +//​sinhal.://​ [[si:​dictionary:​අකාලිකෝ]]\\
 +//burm.:// [[my:​dictionary:​အကာလိကော]]\\
 +//​appears://​ … \\
 +<span hide>​{{en:​dictionary:​akaaliko.jpg}}</​span>​
 +</​div>​ ====== [dic] akāliko (akaliko) ======
 +**akāliko**:​ '​independent of time', 'ever present'​. Passage from the daily chantig, derived from the //​[[bhāvanā]]//​ (developing,​ becoming) on //​[[dhammaānussati]]//​.  ​
 +<​blockquote>//​[Yo so svākkhāto] bhagavatā dhammo//,\\
 +The Dhamma well-expounded by the Blessed One,  ​
 +//​Sandiṭṭhiko **akāliko** ehipassiko//,​\\
 +to be seen here & now, **timeless**,​ inviting all to come & see,  ​
 +//Opanayiko paccattaṁ veditabbo viññūhi//:​\\
 +leading inward, to be seen by the wise for themselves:  ​
 +//​Tam-ahaṁ dhammaṁ abhipūjayāmi,​
 +Tam-ahaṁ dhammaṁ sirasā namāmi.//​\\  ​
 +I worship most highly that Dhamma,
 +To that Dhamma I bow my head down.<​cite>​[[:​en:​lib:​authors:​dhammayut:​chanting|Praise for the Dhamma]]</​cite></​blockquote>​
 +==== ATI Glossary ====
 +==== Buddhist Dictionary ====
 +//by late Ven. [[:​en:​lib:​authors:​index#​nyanatiloka|Nyanalokita Thera]]://
 +==== PTS Dictionary ====
 +//by the Pali Text Society://
 +==== Glossary Thanissaro ====
 +//by Ven. [[:​en:​lib:​authors:​index#​thanissaro|Thanissaro Maha Thera]]://
 +==== Illustrated Glossary of Pāli Terms ====
 +//by Ven. [[:​en:​lib:​authors:​index#​varado|Varado]] Maha Thera://
 +==== Glossary various Teacher ====
 +==== See also ====
 +**Suttas and Dhammadesanā**
 +  * [[en:​wiki:​akāliko]] in the [[wiken>​index|wiki-section]].
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