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Pāḷi; √ kāya + sakkhi
alt. sp.: kayasakkhi
translation ~:



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Buddhist Dictionary

by late Ven. Nyanalokita Thera:

kāya-sakkhi: 'body-witness', is one of the 7 noble disciples (see ariya-puggala, B.). He is one who “in his own person (lit. body) has attained the 8 deliverances (see vimokkha), and after wisely understanding the phenomena, the cankers have partly come to extinction” (Puggalapaññatti 32). In AN 9.44 it is said:

“A monk, o brother, attains the 1st absorption (see jhāna), and as far as this domain reaches,- so far he has realized it in his own person. Thus the Blessed One calls such a person a body-witness in certain respects. (The same is then repeated with regard to the 7 higher absorptions). Further again, o brother, the monk attains the extinction of perception and feeling (see nirodha-samāpatti), and after wisely understanding the phenomena, all the cankers come to extinction. Thus, o brother, the Blessed One calls such a person a body-witness in all respects.”


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