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Access to Insight


Title: Access to Insight


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		The non-doing of any evil,\\
		the performance of what's skillful,\\
		the cleansing of one's own mind: \\
		&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; this is the teaching\\
		&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; of the Awakened. [[en:tipitaka:sut:kn:dhp:dhp.14.than#dhp-183|&bull;]]

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	<h4> Offline Edition 2013.03.12.10</h4>
	<p style='font-size:smaller'>For the most up-to-date version of this site, visit <a href="" title="Visit Access to Insight"></a>.


<a href=“begin_en.html” title=“Suggested entry points to this website”>Beginnings</a>:

<a title=“A concise introduction” href=“theravada_en.html”>What is Theravada Buddhism?</a>

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		/ <a href="ptf/index_en.html" title="A self-guided tour of the Buddha's teachings">Self-guided tour of the Buddha's teachings</a>
<a href=“tipitaka/index_en.html” title=“An outline of the Pali canon”>Tipitaka</a>:

Modern translations of more than 1,000 important suttas from the Pali canon, indexed by sutta,


		[[index-names|proper name]], 
		/ [[en:tipitaka:sut:dn:index|DN]] 
		/ [[en:tipitaka:sut:mn:index|MN]] 
		/ [[en:tipitaka:sut:sn:index|SN]] 
		/ [[en:tipitaka:sut:an:index|AN]] 
		/ [[en:tipitaka:sut:kn:index|KN]]
<a href=“lib/index_en.html” title=“A Theravada library”>Library</a>:

/ Thai forest traditions

		/ [[en:lib:study:index|Study guides]]
		/ [[en:lib:bpslist|BPS]]
		/ Indexes by [[index-author|author]], [[index-title|title]], and [[index-subject|subject]]
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/ Online books

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		/ [[.:outsources:foreign|Tipitaka translations in other languages]]
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