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Bhikkhu Nyanatusita


Title: Bhikkhu Nyanatusita


Bhikkhu Nyanatusita


<dt>Pali Verb Conjugation and Noun/Pronoun Declension Tables, by Bhikkhu Nyanatusita (2005; 486k) <a class='imgLink' href=“./../../../lib/authors/nyanatusita/./” title=“Download the Zip file from the website”><img src=“./../../../img/zip_18x18.gif” alt='[Zip icon]' /></a></dt> <dd><p>In these meticulously organized one- and two-page printouts, Bhikkhu Nyanatusita has condensed a huge amount of helpful grammatical information. Useful for Pali students of all levels. The single zip file contains the following PDF files:

  • Pali Conjugation & Pronoun Declension Tables
  • Pali Noun Declension Table
  • Pali Pronoun Declension Table
  • Pali Verb Conjugation & Pronoun Declension Tables
  • Pali Verb Conjugation Table

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