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 <div #​h_altformat>​Alternate format: [[./​eDhammaTalks_1_en.pdf|{{en:​img:​pdf_24x18.gif?​16|Download the pdf file from the website (131pp./​0.5MB)}}]]</​div>​ <div #​h_altformat>​Alternate format: [[./​eDhammaTalks_1_en.pdf|{{en:​img:​pdf_24x18.gif?​16|Download the pdf file from the website (131pp./​0.5MB)}}]]</​div>​
-<div #​h_seealso>​See also [[eDhammaTalks_2|//ePublished Dhamma Talks (2)//]], +<div #​h_seealso>​See also //[[eDhammaTalks_2|ePublished Dhamma Talks (2)]]//
- [[eDhammaTalks_3|//ePublished Dhamma Talks (3)//]]</​div>​+ //[[eDhammaTalks_3|ePublished Dhamma Talks (3)]]//</​div>​
 </​div>​ </​div>​
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