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 <ol class="​nonSemantic-listA">​ <ol class="​nonSemantic-listA">​
   * [[#​part1-a|Skillfulness]] (passages [[#​part1-a-passages|§§1-7]])   * [[#​part1-a|Skillfulness]] (passages [[#​part1-a-passages|§§1-7]])
-<li>[[#​part1-b|Kamma and the Ending of Kamma]] ([[#​part1-b-passages|§§8-17]])</li>+  * [[#​part1-b|Kamma and the Ending of Kamma]] ([[#​part1-b-passages|§§8-17]])
 </ol> </ol>
 </​div>​ </​div>​
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