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-<​div ​center round todo 60%>**Preperation of htmls into currently in progress.** Please visit the corresponding page at [[http://​​html/​index_en.html|ZzE]]. If inspired to get involved in this merits here, one may feel invited to join best here: [[http://​​index.php/​topic,​8657.0.html|[] ATI/ZzE Content-style]]</​div>​+<​div ​navi>[[en:index|{{en:​img:​home_en.png|Index page}}]] >> [[en:lib:​index|Library]] >> ​[[en:​lib:​authors:index|Authors]] >> ​[[en:​lib:​authors:​index#​varado|{{en:​img:​question_16.gif|Info about the person}}]]</​div>​
 ====== Varado Mahathera ====== ====== Varado Mahathera ======
- +<span hide>Varado Mahathera</​span>​
-<docinfo_head> +
- +
-Title: ​Varado Mahathera +
- +
-Summary:  +
 <div #h_meta> <div #h_meta>
- +<div #​h_doctitle>​Varado Mahathera</​div>​
- +
-<div #​h_doctitle>​Varado Mahathera ​ <​span imglink>​[[..:​index#​varado|{{en:​img:​question_16.gif}}]]</​span>​</​div>​+
 <div #​h_copyright>​[[#​f_termsofuse|{{en:​img:​d2.png?​16x18}}]][[#​f_termsofuse| 2019]]</​div>​ <div #​h_copyright>​[[#​f_termsofuse|{{en:​img:​d2.png?​16x18}}]][[#​f_termsofuse| 2019]]</​div>​
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 </​div>​ </​div>​
 <div #​h_homage>​ <div #​h_homage>​
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 <span #​h_content></​span>​ <span #​h_content></​span>​
-<div chapter> 
 <div booklist>​ <div booklist>​
-  ? <span #​igbt>​[[:​en:​dictionary:​igbt|Illustrated Glossary of Pali Terms]]</​span>,​ <span by>​by ​ Ven. Mahathera Varado</​span>​ <span filedata>​(2019;​ ?​pp./?​KB)</​span>​ +**<span #​igbt>​[[:​en:​dictionary:​igpt|Illustrated Glossary of Pali Terms]]</​span>​**, <span by>​by ​ Ven. Mahathera Varado</​span>​ <span filedata>​(2019;​ ?​pp./?​KB)</​span>​ 
-  :: Currently available ​as download: {{:​en:​lib:​authors:​varado:​igpt_glossary_sep_2019.epub}},​ {{:​en:​lib:​authors:​varado:​igpt_glossary_sep_2019.pdf}}.+  :: The Venerable author selected generously Pali therms and draw comparisons to the original source, the Pali-Canon ​as well as to approaches of well known translators. In edition he gave a share of his own conclusions. The books and it's single articles are integrated in the ATI-dictionary for each word seperate. From time to time there will be an update in form of other files like those (last update 2019-09-23): {{:​en:​lib:​authors:​varado:​igpt_glossary_sep_2019.epub}},​ {{:​en:​lib:​authors:​varado:​igpt_glossary_sep_2019.pdf}}.
-</div> +**<span #​>[[:​en:​tipitaka:​sut:​kn:​snp:​|Suttanipāta]]</span>**, <​span ​by>by  Ven. Mahathera Varado</​span>​ <span filedata>(2019; 556pp./​1326KB)</span
-</div> +  :: //Online version currently in preparation//,​ meanwhile the last edition of the Venerable giver of this translation as e-books: ​{{:en:lib:​authors:​}}, {{:​en:​lib:​authors:​varado:​}}.
- +
-<​span ​#​h_content_end></​span>​ +
- +
-<div #f_footer> +
- +
-<div showmore>​ +
-<div #​f_colophon>​ +
-<div #​f_newcopyrightsymbol>​[[#​top| ]]</div+
-<div #​f_provenance>​**Provenance:** +
-<div #​f_sourceCopy>​[[en:dhamma-dana|{{en:img:d2.png?14}}]]</​div>​ +
- +
-<div #​f_sourceCopy_translation></​div>​ +
- +
-<div #​f_sourceEdition></​div>​ +
- +
-<div #​f_sourceTitle>​This anthology prepared by sj for</​div>​+
-<div #f_atiCopy>​This edition is [[en:dhamma-dana|{{en:img:d2.png?14}}]] 2019.</div>+**<span>​[[:en:tipitaka:sut:​kn:​dhp:​|Dhammapada]]</​span>​**,​ <span by>​by ​ Ven. Mahathera Varado</​span>​ <span filedata>​(2019; 201pp./685KB)</span> 
 +  :: The Venerable Author generously gives here "​another"​ approach of an English translation which focuses on explanatory comments using his selected illustrations from other Suttas in the Tipitaka. The edited version incl. many referenc-links to sources and dictionaries and may be useful for intensive further studies of the texts. __Alternative Formats__: {{:​en:​lib:​authors:​varado:​}},​ {{:​en:​lib:​authors:​varado:​}},​ {{:​en:​lib:​authors:​varado:​}}.
-<div f_zzecopy>Translations,​ republishing,​ editing and additions are in the sphere of responsibility of //​</div>+**<span #​>[[:​en:​tipitaka:​sut:​kn:​tha:​|Theragāthā]]<​/span>**, <span by>​by ​ VenMahathera Varado</span> <span filedata>​(2019;​ 622pp./1674KB)</span> 
 +  :: //Online version currently in preparation//,​ meanwhile the last edition of the Venerable giver of this translation as e-books: {{:​en:​lib:​authors:​varado:​}},​ {{:​en:​lib:​authors:​varado:​}}.
 +**<span #​>​[[:​en:​tipitaka:​sut:​kn:​thi:​|Therīgāthā]]</​span>​**,​ <span by>​by ​ Ven. Mahathera Varado</​span>​ <span filedata>​(2019;​ 218pp./​701KB)</​span>​
 +  :: //Online version currently in preparation//,​ meanwhile the last edition of the Venerable giver of this translation as e-books: {{:​en:​lib:​authors:​varado:​}},​ {{:​en:​lib:​authors:​varado:​}}.
 </​div>​ </​div>​
-<div #​f_termsofuse>​**Scope of this Dhamma-Gift:​** You are invited to not only use this Dhamma-Gift here for yourself but also to share it, and your merits with it, again as a Dhamma gift and to copy, reformat, reprint, republish and redistribute this work in any medium whatsoever, provided that: (1) you only make such copies, etc. available //free of charge//; (2) you clearly indicate that any derivatives of this work (including translations) are derived from this source document; and (3) you include the full text of this "Scope of this Dhamma-Gift"​ in any copies or derivatives of this work. Anything beyond this is not given here. For additional information about this license, see the [[en:​faq#​copyright|FAQ]].</​div>​ 
-<div #f_citation>**How to cite this document** (one suggested style): "​Varado Mahathera",​ edited by  Access to //Access to,​ 12 Sept 2019, [[http://​​lib/​authors/​varado/​index.html|http://​​lib/​authors/​varado/​index.html]],​ retreived on: +<span #h_content_end></span>
-"​date"</​div>​ +
- +
-<div #​f_alt-formats>​****</​div>​ +
- +
-</​div>​ +
- +
 ---- ----
 <div #​f_toenail>​[[en:​help|Help]] | [[en:​faq#​whatis|About]] | [[en:​faq#​contact|Contact]] | [[en:​dhamma-dana|Scope of the Dhamma gift]] | [[en:​cowork|Collaboration]]\\ Anumodana puñña kusala!</​div>​ <div #​f_toenail>​[[en:​help|Help]] | [[en:​faq#​whatis|About]] | [[en:​faq#​contact|Contact]] | [[en:​dhamma-dana|Scope of the Dhamma gift]] | [[en:​cowork|Collaboration]]\\ Anumodana puñña kusala!</​div>​
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