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Mahinda Wijesinghe

Mahinda Wijesinghe


Mahinda Wijesinghe

Ten Ways of Making Merits, by Mahinda Wijesinghe (2015; 14 pp./12KB) punna_en.pdf (13pages/0.2MB)

This short and clearly arranged compilation of the wholesome meritorious actions gives a raw overview of the practice of disciples in the teachings of the Buddha. In western world, Dāna (Giving), Sīla (Virtue) und Bhāvana (Meditation) are broadly known, but the traditional collections mentions a more fine selection ten of groups under the pillows of the three kinds of skillfull deeds.

Gratitude in the Buddha's Teaching, by Mahinda Wijesinghe (2008; pp./ KB) gratitude.pdf (13pages/0.2MB)

Although gratitude is actually a basic factor of Right View and the entrance to the Buddhas teachings, less teachings about this attribute are found in modern and western world. Upasaka Mahinda Wijesinghe collected Suttas and talk and shared them as an introduction, under the guiding support of Ven. Ñāṇadassana Thera, in a generously shared small booklet.

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