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Title: PDF Documents


PDF Documents


These books and articles are available in PDF format.

Need help? See “Working with PDF files”.</p> <ul class='index'> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/hecker/wheel273_en.html” title=“Summary: A biography in the BPS's “Lives of the Disciples” series. Of all the Buddha's disciples, his cousin Ananda was the one most often mentioned in the suttas. For 25 years Ananda served as the Buddha's personal attendant. He played a crucial …”>Ananda: The Guardian of the Dhamma</a> (Hellmuth Hecker; 2006) wheel273_en.pdf (??pages/0.7MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/bodhi/bps-essay_43_en.html” title=“Summary: An overview of sankhara (formations, fabrications, etc.): its multiple meanings and roles in the Buddha's teachings.”>Anicca Vata Sankhara</a> (Bhikkhu Bodhi; 2005) bps-essay_43_en.pdf (??pages/73KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/kelly/warder-key_en.html” title=“Summary: Answers to exercises 1-21 of A.K. Warder's classic Pali language textbook, Introduction to Pali (3rdedition) (Oxford: Pali Text Society, 1991).”>Answer Key to Warder's 'Introduction to Pali' : Exercises 1-21</a> (John Kelly; 2005) warder-key_en.pdf (??pages/1.1MB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: A fascinating account of Ajaan Lee's life, which he dictated from his hospital bed a year before his death. Highlights include: Ajaan Lee's retelling of a long and elaborate fantasy he had as a young monk that erased, once and for all, any …”>Autobiography of Phra Ajaan Lee, The</a> (Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo (Phra Suddhidhammaransi Gambhiramedhacariya), translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2012) leeauto_en.pdf (94pp./0.7MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/thai/fuang/itself_en.html” title=“Summary: This book contains a delightful and inspiring collection of anecdotal stories retold by an American monk who lived under Ajaan Fuang's tutelage for the last decade of Ajaan Fuang's life. These anecdotes reveal a teaching style that adapted …”>Awareness Itself</a> (Ajaan Fuang Jotiko, compiled and Translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Geoffrey DeGraff); 1999) itself_en.pdf (??pages/302KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/khantipalo/wheel271_en.html” title=“Summary: One of the most deeply rooted deceptions in the mind is its tendency to identify the body as “self.” Recognizing that this seductive but distorted view of reality can be a stubborn impediment to progress in the Dhamma, the Buddha taught his students some …”>Bag of Bones: A Miscellany on the Body</a> (Bhikkhu Khantipalo; 2006) wheel271_en.pdf (??pages/0.5MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/thai/lee/themes_en.html” title=“Summary: This essay primarily concerns the practice of breath meditation, and provides valuable advice on responding skillfully to the pitfalls that may be encountered along the way. The Prologue and Introduction to the essay include handy summaries of many key …”>Basic Themes</a> (Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo (Phra Suddhidhammaransi Gambhiramedhacariya), translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 1995) themes_en.pdf (182pp./7.3MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/bodhi/bps-essay_41_en.html” title=“Summary: Extraordinary advances in science and medicine promise us longer and healthier lives. But in this heady excitement let us not forget the Buddha's wise counsel: it is not how long we live that really counts, but to what extent we can develop and …”>Better Than a Hundred Years</a> (Bhikkhu Bodhi; 2005) bps-essay_41_en.pdf (??pages/106KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/horner/bl130_en.html” title=“Summary: In this excerpt from the Milindapañha, Ven. Nagasena develops a magnificent series of similes to convince King Milinda that, even though the Buddha died long ago, his legacy lives on, unwavering.”>Blessed One's City of Dhamma, The: From the Milindapañha</a> (I.B. Horner; 2006) bl130_en.pdf (??pages/233KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/khantipalo/wheel073_en.html” title=“Summary: Pindapata is the ancient ascetic practice by which Theravadan monks and nuns walk from house to house, accepting whatever offerings of food are placed in their bowls by laypeople. This essay describes a typical alms-round in lively detail and explores …”>Blessings of Pindapata, The</a> (Bhikkhu Khantipalo; 2006) wheel073_en.pdf (24pp./300KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/guruge/wheel419_en.html” title=“Summary: An exploration of various canonical and extra-canonical accounts of the Buddha's encounters with Mara, the symbolic embodiment of desire and death, in his role as the Tempter. By referring to later Sanskrit literature and Buddhist art, the author …”>Buddha's Encounters with Mara the Tempter, The: Their Representation in Literature and Art</a> (Ananda W.P. Guruge; 2005) wheel419_en.pdf (??pages/172KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/walshe/wheel261_en.html” title=“Summary: In this short essay the author outlines the meaning of death from the Theravada Buddhist perspective, touching on questions of vital concern to every student of Buddhism: What is death? What is rebirth? Why do we fear death? What happens upon the death …”>Buddhism and Death</a> (M. O'C. Walshe; 2005) wheel261_en.pdf (??pages/311KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/walshe/wheel225_en.html” title=“Summary: In this thoughtful and down-to-earth essay, the author explores what it means to live as a sexual being in the light of the Buddha's teachings. As he points out, rigid puritanism and total permissiveness are two extreme views that lie outside the …”>Buddhism and Sex</a> (M. O' C. Walshe; 2006) wheel225_en.pdf (??pages/287KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/kusalasaya/wheel085_en.html” title=“Summary: A brief sketch of the history Thai Buddhism. A little dated (it was written in 1965), but still useful for getting a quick overview of key events.”>Buddhism in Thailand: Its Past and Its Present</a> (Karuna Kusalasaya; 2006) wheel085_en.pdf (??pages/315KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/thanissaro/bmc1_en.html” title=“Summary: The 227 Patimokkha training rules, which are recorded in the Suttavibhanga (the first major section of the Vinaya Pitaka), affect every aspect of the daily life of the Theravada Buddhist bhikkhu (monk). The Patimokkha rules are presented here along with …”>Buddhist Monastic Code I, The: The Patimokkha Training Rules Translated and Explained</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2007) bmc1_en.pdf (495pp./1.7MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/thanissaro/bmc2_en.html” title=“Summary: Whereas the Patimokkha concerns the basic rules of Theravada Buddhist monastic life (see The Buddhist Monastic Code, Volume I), the Khandhaka (the second major section of the Vinaya Pitaka) concerns its customs, which are no less essential to monastic …”>Buddhist Monastic Code II, The: The Khandhaka Rules Translated and Explained</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2007) bmc2_en.pdf (472pp./2.7MB)</li> <li><a href=“../ptf/dhamma/sila/uposatha2009_en.html” title=“Summary: ”>Calendar of Uposatha Days: 2009 CE</a> (2008) uposatha2009_en.pdf (??pages/110KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/dhammayut/chanting_en.html” title=“Summary: The complete text, in both Pali and English, of the chants used by laypeople and monastics alike at Buddhist monasteries of the Thai forest tradition (Dhammayut sect). This extensive collection includes: a guide to pronunciation; the daily (morning and …”>Rezitierhilfe, Eine</a> (The Dhammayut Order in the United States of America; 2000) chanting_en.pdf (??pages/0.5MB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: Ajaan Lee's first book, with teachings spanning the full range of Dhamma practice, from the five precepts to the attainment of total liberation. This book is a rich source of instruction suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners, alike; take …”>Craft of the Heart, The</a> (Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo (Phra Suddhidhammaransi Gambhiramedhacariya), translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2012) craft_en.pdf (109pp./0.7MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/harris/bl141_en.html” title=“Summary: The development of these twin emotions plays a central role in Buddhist practice. But are they truly compatible? How can one feel genuine compassion toward others while simultaneously remaining detached and “aloof” from the world? Citing examples from …”>Detachment and Compassion in Early Buddhism</a> (Elizabeth J. Harris; 2005) bl141_en.pdf (??pages/137KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/thanissaro/dhammapada_en.html” title=“Summary: The Dhammapada, an anthology of verses attributed to the Buddha, has long been recognized as one of the masterpieces of early Buddhist literature. Only more recently have scholars realized that it is also one of the early masterpieces in the Indian …”>Dhammapada</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2012) dhammapada_en.pdf (126pp./0.8MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/nyanaponika/wheel048_en.html” title=“Summary: The Discourse on the Snake Simile (MN 22) contains important presentations of the Buddha's teachings on not-self and on the dangers of clinging to views. It also contains two of the Canon's most memorable similes: that of the raft, and that of …”>Discourse on the Snake Simile, The: Alagaddupama Sutta (MN 22)</a> (Nyanaponika Thera; 2006) wheel048_en.pdf (??pages/0.5MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/thai/lee/divinemantra_en.html” title=“Summary: Ajaan Lee explains the significance of the “Divine Mantra” – six Pali passages concerning the elements (dhatu: wind, fire, water, earth, space, and consciousness) that he recommended that his students commit to memory and chant regularly.”>Divine Mantra, The</a> (Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo, translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2006) divinemantra_en.pdf (??pages/118KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/bodhi/bps-essay_46_en.html” title=“Summary: Newcomers to Buddhism, inspired by the down-to-earth clarity, directness, and immediacy of the Buddha's teachings, often stumble when they first encounter the teachings on rebirth. In this essay the author, while not attempting to make a scientific …”>Does Rebirth Make Sense?</a> (Bhikkhu Bodhi; 2005) bps-essay_46_en.pdf (??pages/99KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/thai/lee/duties_en.html” title=“Summary: During the rains retreat of 1960 – his last – Ajaan Lee gave this exhortation to the monks and novices, calling on them to fulfill their duties as monastics. While acknowledging that the Thai ecclesiastical system spells out specific practical monastic …”>Duties of the Sangha</a> (Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo (Phra Suddhidhammaransi Gambhiramedhacariya), translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 1995) duties_en.pdf (25pp./223KB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: Thirty-seven Dhamma talks from the evening meditation sessions at Metta Forest Monastery.”>ePublished Dhamma Talks (1)</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2011) edhammatalks_1_en.pdf (131pp./0.5MB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: Twenty-two Dhamma talks from the evening meditation sessions at Metta Forest Monastery.”>ePublished Dhamma Talks (2)</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2011) edhammatalks_2_en.pdf (87pp./481KB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: Seventy-eight Dhamma talks from the evening meditation sessions at Metta Forest Monastery.”>ePublished Dhamma Talks (3)</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2011) edhammatalks_3_en.pdf (338pp./1MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/medhanandi/foodofkindness_en.html” title=“Summary: A Theravada bhikkhuni reflects on the joys and hardships of the daily pindapat (alms-round). By this ancient monastic tradition the spiritual mendicant – the “true beggar” – receives nourishment from the tangible generosity of others, while at the same …”>Food of Kindness, The</a> (Ayya Medhanandi; 2005) foodofkindness_en.pdf (??pages/258KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/nyanaponika/wheel105_en.html” title=“Summary: Among the Buddha's most profound teachings is his observation that, like our bodies, our minds demand food for survival. Like a starving person, the mind hungers for sense-impressions; it feeds on thoughts, memories, ideas, and dreams; it even …”>Four Nutriments of Life, The: An Anthology of Buddhist Texts</a> (Nyanaponika Thera; 2006) wheel105_en.pdf (??pages/0.5MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/thai/lee/frames_en.html” title=“Summary: Ajaan Lee's classic introduction to the four foundations of mindfulness from the perspective of breath meditation.”>Frames of Reference</a> (Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo (Phra Suddhidhammaransi Gambhiramedhacariya), translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2011) frames_en.pdf (36pp./174KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/nyanatiloka/wheel394_en.html” title=“Summary: In this booklet one of the 20th century's great scholar-monks addresses some of the most fundamental but difficult issues in the correct understanding of the Buddha Dhamma. Bringing together his wide scholarship and practical experience with a gift …”>Fundamentals of Buddhism: Four Lectures</a> (Nyanatiloka Mahathera; 2005) wheel394_en.pdf (??pages/454KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/thai/dune/giftsheleft_en.html” title=“Summary: A collection of short anecdotes and quotations from Ajaan Dune, as recalled by one of his long-time monastic comrades. Ajaan Dune's straightforward words are rich with deceptively simple insights that reflect a profound grasp of Dhamma. His unique …”>Gifts He Left Behind: The Dhamma Legacy of Ajaan Dune Atulo</a> (Phra Bodhinandamuni, translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2005) giftsheleft_en.pdf (??pages/0.9MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/nyanasamvara/gawarens_en.html” title=“Summary: A series of 22 short talks delivered to audiences of laypeople and monks in the early 1960' s by the now Supreme Patriarch of Thailand. Topics include: the basics of satipatthana (mindfulness) meditation, developing concentration, the stages of …”>Guide to Awareness, A: Dhamma Talks on the Foundations of Mindfulness</a> (Somdet Phra Ñanasamvara (Venerable Suvaddhano Bhikkhu, HH the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand), translated from the Thai by Bhikkhu Ariyesako and Bhikkhu Kantasilo; 2004) gawarens_en.pdf (??pages/390KB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: Thirteen essays, including: 'The Lessons of Gratitude' , 'No Strings Attached', 'The Power of Judgment' , 'Think like a Thief', 'Strength Training for the Mind', 'Mindfulness Defined', 'The …”>Head & Heart Together: Essays on the Buddhist Path</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2011) headandheartbook_en.pdf (??pages/448KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/karunaratna/bl140_en.html” title=“Summary: In this tale from Karunaratna's series of stories to be read aloud to young children, we meet a bull, crippled with anger and bitterness for the years of mistreatment he suffered at the hands of his masters. Kapuri the she-elephant and the wise …”>Healing of the Bull, The: A Story</a> (Suvimalee Karunaratna; 2005) bl140_en.pdf (??pages/239KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/nanananda/wheel188_en.html” title=“Summary: In the Bhaddekaratta Sutta (MN 131) the Buddha presents a magnificently concise statement of the life-and-death importance of keeping one's attention firmly rooted in the present moment. Despite the sutta's overall clarity and brilliance, the …”>Ideal Solitude: An Exposition on the Bhaddekaratta Sutta</a> (Bhikkhu Ñanananda; 2005) wheel188_en.pdf (??pages/385KB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: A Dhamma talk given on August 23, 1978.”>In Body and Mind</a> (Ajahn Chah, translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2012) inbodyandmind_en.pdf (34pp./284KB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: ”>Index to the Majjhima Nikaya, An</a> (Bhikkhu Kumara & Tahn Varado with revisions by Khemaratana Bhikkhu; 2010) majjhima_index_en.pdf (??pages/64KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/thai/lee/strength_en.html” title=“Summary: These sixteen short pieces were reconstructed from notes taken by a lay disciple who attended Ajaan Lee's talks. Most deal with some particular aspect of breath meditation, some deal with the underlying values of practice, and all offer valuable …”>Inner Strength: Sixteen Talks</a> (Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo (Phra Suddhidhammaransi Gambhiramedhacariya), translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 1998) strength_en.pdf (??pages/0.7MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/study/into_the_stream_en.html” title=“Summary: The sutta readings in this guide are organized around the four factors that lead to the attainment of stream-entry and address questions of interest to all meditators, whether or not their practice aims all the way to Awakening. [Formerly two separate …”>Into the Stream: A Study Guide on the First Stage of Awakening</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2012) into_the_stream_en.pdf (79pp./381KB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: Originally published in 1988 to accompany the London Buddhist Society's Introducing Buddhism course, this book provides an outline of the history and basic teachings of Theravada Buddhism. Also includes a bibliography and glossary of Pali terms.”>Introducing Buddhism</a> (Venerable Dr. Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Mahanayaka Thera and Jayasili (Jacquetta Gomes); 2011) introducing_buddhism_en.pdf (28pp./222KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/kawasaki/bl144_en.html” title=“Summary: Three Jataka tales: Mahasupina Jataka (The Sixteen Dreams; Jat 77), Manicora Jataka (The Virtuous Wife; Jat 194), and Dabbhapuppha Jataka (The Jackal's Judgment; Jat 400). ”>Jataka Tales of the Buddha: Part IV</a> (Ken & Visakha Kawasaki; 2005) bl144_en.pdf (??pages/158KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/kawasaki/bl158_en.html” title=“Summary: Four Jataka tales: Nalapana Jataka (The Case of the Hollow Canes; Jat 20), Vattaka Jataka (The Baby Quail; Jat 35), Pañcavudha Jataka (Prince Five-weapons; Jat 55), and Alinacitta Jataka (The Elephant Who Saved a Kingdom; Jat 156).”>Jataka Tales of the Buddha: Part V</a> (Ken & Visakha Kawasaki; 2005) bl158_en.pdf (??pages/146KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/thai/lee/inmind_en.html” title=“Summary: A complete handbook for breath meditators, full of detailed practical instructions for the development of concentration and insight.”>Keeping the Breath in Mind: and Lessons in Samadhi</a> (Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo (Phra Suddhidhammaransi Gambhiramedhacariya), translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2000) inmind_en.pdf (??pages/240KB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: A thoroughly annotated answer key to the exercises in A.K. Warder's classic Pali textbook. Available only in PDF format.”>Key to the Exercises in A.K. Warder's 'Introduction to Pali', A</a> (Brahmali Bhikkhu; 2006) warders_lessons_key_en.pdf (??pages/0.8MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/bodhi/bps-essay_39_en.html” title=“Summary: How does a person's choice of lifestyle – i.e., layperson or monastic – affect one's ability to make progress along the Buddhist path?”>Lifestyles and Spiritual Progress</a> (Bhikkhu Bodhi; 2005) bps-essay_39_en.pdf (??pages/165KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/thanissaro/meditations5_en.html” title=“Summary: More Dhamma talks from the evening meditation sessions at Metta Forest Monastery.”>Meditations 5: Dhamma Talks</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2011) </li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/thanissaro/metta_means_goodwill_en.html” title=“Summary: In this short essay, the author proposes a translation of the Pali term “metta” that is more in keeping with the Buddha's early teachings.”>Metta Means Goodwill</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2011) metta_means_goodwill_en.pdf (??pages/256KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/bodhi/bps-essay_44_en.html” title=“Summary: Writing at the turn of the 21st century, the author takes stock of two manifestations of suffering that dominate the modern era: collective violence and a gnawing sense of individual meaninglessness. Both, he argues, find an effective remedy in the …”>Navigating the New Millennium</a> (Bhikkhu Bodhi; 2005) bps-essay_44_en.pdf (??pages/106KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/desilva/wheel407_en.html” title=“Summary: What is Nibbana? In the first essay of this booklet Lily de Silva approaches this question from a fresh angle. Rather than speculate about Nibbana as an objective reality, she asks, “What does the attainment of Nibbana mean in terms of the living …”>Nibbana as Living Experience / The Buddha and The Arahant: Two Studies from the Pali Canon</a> (Lily de Silva; 2005) wheel407_en.pdf (??pages/197KB)</li> <li><a href=”../lib/authors/thanissaro/noblestrategy_en.html“ title=“Summary: A collection of essays concerning the Buddhist path of practice. The essays, which are available online individually, include: “Affirming the Truths of the Heart”, “Karma”, “The Road to Nirvana Is Paved with Skillful Intentions”, “The Healing Power of …”>Noble Strategy: Essays on the Buddhist Path</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2011) noblestrategy_en.pdf (??pages/205KB)</li> <li><a href=”../lib/authors/price/bl124_en.html” title=“Summary: Romantic love, by its very nature, is inevitably entangled in unskillful states of mind. To whatever degree it springs from attachment, passion, or a hunger to fill one's own inner emptiness – to that degree will it heap suffering upon all involved….”>Nothing Higher to Live For: A Buddhist View of Romantic Love</a> (Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano (Leonard Price); 2005) bl124_en.pdf (??pages/178KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/ontl/bl131_en.html” title=“Summary: Three short essays on elementary Buddhist practice: “Of Mindsets and Monkeypots” (on letting go); “Does the Dhamma Still Hold True?” (on the relevance of Dhamma practice in the modern age); “In Search of Happiness” (on how to seek a true and lasting …”>Of Mindsets and Monkeypots</a> (Petr Karel Ontl; 2005) bl131_en.pdf (??pages/111KB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: A concise tabular summary of the rules of Pali noun declension, formatted for convenient printing in the form of cards for study or reference. Includes examples and vocabulary lists adapted from A.P. Buddhadatta's “New Pali Course” .”>Pali Grammar Summary Card: Nouns</a> (Dhammadarsa Bhikkhu; 2011) npc-summary-noun_en.pdf (5pp./0.5MB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: A concise tabular summary of the rules of Pali personal pronoun declension, plus lists of adverbs and particles, formatted for convenient printing in the form of cards for study or reference. Includes examples and vocabulary lists adapted from A.P. …”>Pali Grammar Summary Card: Pronouns, Adverbs, and Particles</a> (Dhammadarsa Bhikkhu; 2011) npc-summary-other_en.pdf (5pp./184KB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: A concise tabular summary of the rules of Pali verb conjugation, formatted for convenient printing in the form of cards for study or reference. Includes examples and vocabulary lists adapted from A.P. Buddhadatta's “New Pali Course”.”>Pali Grammar Summary Card: Verbs</a> (Dhammadarsa Bhikkhu; 2011) npc-summary-verb_en.pdf (5pp./274KB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: The Buddha's second Noble Truth states that the cause of suffering is any kind of craving that stimulates becoming (bhava; the process by which we continually fabricate new states of mind, from moment to moment and lifetime to lifetime). Yet this …”>Paradox of Becoming, The</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2011) paradoxofbecoming_en.pdf (136pp./0.6MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/thai/lee/pathtopeace_en.html” title=“Summary: This essay offers a detailed analysis of the Eightfold Path, with practical applications to breath meditation. (Originally published with Basic Themes.).”>Path to Peace and Freedom for the Mind, The</a> (Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo, translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 1995) pathtopeace_en.pdf (36pp./309KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/buddharakkhita/bl109_en.html” title=“Summary: What's the best response when we're threatened by provocative people or challenged by difficult situations? In this short article the author reviews some of the Buddha's teachings on this theme.”>Positive Response: How to Meet Evil With Good</a> (Acharya Buddharakkhita; 2006) bl109_en.pdf (??pages/259KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/karunaratna/bl125_en.html” title=“Summary: In this tale from Karunaratna's series of stories to be read aloud to young children, we meet a caged peacock who pines for the carefree days when he lived freely in the wilds. Thanks to the advice of Kapuri the she-elephant and the wise tortoise, …”>Prisoners of Karma: A Story</a> (Suvimalee Karunaratna; 2005) bl125_en.pdf (??pages/106KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/desilva/bl123_en.html” title=“Summary: The Five Precepts are universally regarded in Buddhism as the bedrock on which the personal practice of sila (morality, virtue) is built. In this short essay, the author argues that these same Five Precepts, when practiced by citizens, leaders, and …”>Radical Therapy: Buddhist Precepts in the Modern World</a> (Lily de Silva; 2005) bl123_en.pdf (??pages/131KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/thanissaro/refuge_en.html” title=“Summary: This short book provides an excellent introduction to the most basic principles of Buddhism: the Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha, collectively known as the Triple Gem or Triple Refuge. The material is divided into three parts: (I) an introductory essay on …”>Refuge: An Introduction to the Buddha, Dhamma, & Sangha</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2001) refuge_en.pdf (??pages/0.6MB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: An exploration of the nature of mindfulness and its role in the Buddhist path to Awakening.”>Right Mindfulness: Memory & Ardency on the Buddhist Path</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2012) rightmindfulness_en.pdf (178pp./1.2MB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: A table for easy conversion between traditional (DPR, CSCD) and modern (ATI, CDB) numbering systems of the Samyutta Nikaya.”>Saṁyutta Index & Reference Number Conversion Table</a> (Kumara Bhikkhu; 2012) samyutta_number_conversion_table_en.pdf (1p./34KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/ireland/wheel107_en.html” title=“Summary: Diese Anthologie von achtundsiebzig Suttas aus dem Samyutta Nikaya versorgt mit einem guten einführenden Geschmack des reichhaltigsten Buches im Pali-Kanon. Es ist das erste einer dreiteiligen Serie …”>Samyutta Nikaya: An Anthology</a> (John D. Ireland; 2006) wheel107_en.pdf (??pages/0.7MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/desilva/bl120_en.html” title=“Summary: An introduction to the five aggregates (khandha) – body, feeling, perception, volition, and consciousness – five aspects of experience to which we tend to cling. The author paints a compelling portrait of how we create for ourselves the illusory sense …”>Selbstgemachte persönliche Gefängnis, Das</a> (Lily de Silva; 2005) bl120_en.pdf (??pages/118KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/thanissaro/selvesnotself_en.html” title=“Summary: Five talks on the topic of not-self (anatta), from a ten-day meditation retreat held in France.”>Selves & Not-self: The Buddhist Teaching on Anatta</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2011) selvesnotself_en.pdf (79pp./0.6MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/piyadassi/wheel001_en.html” title=“Summary: This essay offers an overview of the seven factors of enlightenment (satta bojjhanga), one of the Buddha's own lists of his most important teachings.”>Seven Factors of Enlightenment, The</a> (Piyadassi Thera; 2006) wheel001_en.pdf (??pages/308KB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: In this book the author examines the nature of dependent co-arising (paticca samuppada) – the complex causal structure by which dukkha arises and ceases. It also shows how the factors of the path address the causes of suffering in a way that leads to …”>Shape of Suffering, The: A Study of Dependent Co-arising</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2011) shapeofsuffering_en.pdf (112pp./0.8MB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: This book offers an in-depth exploration of the role of questions in the Buddha's teaching, organized around the four classes of questions that the Buddha addressed: questions that call for a direct, categorical answer; those that must be reframed; …”>Skill in Questions: How the Buddha Taught</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2011) skill-in-questions_en.pdf (404pp./2.3MB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: A comprehensive anthology of Ajaan Chah's Dhamma talks, translated into English. The talks include all those that have been previously published in the following books: Bodhinyana (1982), A Taste of Freedom (fifth impression, 2002), Living Dhamma (…”>Teachings of Ajahn Chah, The: A Collection of Ajahn Chah's Translated Dhamma Talks</a> (Ajahn Chah; 2007) the_teachings_of_ajahn_chah_web_en.pdf (725pp./3.6MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/study/perfections_en.html” title=“Summary: The ten paramis (perfections) are skillful qualities that develop – perhaps over many lifetimes – as one follows the Buddha's path of practice. This study guide includes readings both from the Pali canon and from the teachings of Ajaan Lee …”>Ten Perfections, The: A Study Guide</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2010) perfections_en.pdf (49pp./237KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/bodhi/wheel409_en.html” title=“Summary: Although Theravada Buddhism explicitly advocates the attainment of arahantship as the ultimate goal, in the course of its historical evolution the Theravada tradition gave birth to a rich body of teachings on the practices of a bodhisatta, an aspirant to …”>Treatise on the Paramis, A: From the Commentary to the Cariyapitaka</a> (Acariya Dhammapala, translated from the Pali by Bhikkhu Bodhi; 2005) wheel409_en.pdf (??pages/414KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/bodhi/bps-essay_40_en.html” title=“Summary: The author reflects on the lives of two great scholar monks who passed away in the summer of 1998: Ven. Balangoda Ananda Maitreya and Ven. Piyadassi Nayaka Thera.”>Tribute to Two Monks, A</a> (Bhikkhu Bodhi; 2005) bps-essay_40_en.pdf (??pages/70KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/thanissaro/truth_of_rebirth_en.html” title=“Summary: An exploration of the Buddha's teaching on rebirth.”>Truth of Rebirth, The: And Why it Matters for Buddhist Practice</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2012) truth_of_rebirth_en.pdf (47pp./291KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/price/wheel363_en.html” title=“Summary: Two more enjoyable dialogues between the fictional monk Tissa and newcomers to Buddhism. In the first story, Tissa helps a well-to-do carefree young man discover that there is, in fact, much more to life than chasing after short-lived pleasures. In the …”>Two Dialogues on Dhamma</a> (Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano; 2005) wheel363_en.pdf (??pages/262KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/bodhi/bps-essay_42_en.html” title=“Summary: Religion and science offer distinct paths to different kinds of knowledge. Yet the Buddha's teachings show how both kinds of knowledge can be harnessed – for both the good of the individual and that of society.”>Two Paths to Knowledge</a> (Bhikkhu Bodhi; 2005) bps-essay_42_en.pdf (??pages/65KB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/bodhi/bps-essay_45_en.html” title=“Summary: With the surging worldwide popularity of insight meditation, teachers have occasionally been tempted to “streamline” the practice, by teaching it as a secular activity divorced from the framework in which the Buddha originally presented it. In this essay …”>Two Styles of Insight Meditation</a> (Bhikkhu Bodhi; 2005) bps-essay_45_en.pdf (??pages/70KB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: A translation of the third book of the Khuddaka Nikaya, with introduction and notes.”>Udana: Exclamations</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 2012) udana_en.pdf (148pp./0.9MB)</li> <li><a href=“../lib/authors/ireland/wheel417_en.html” title=“Summary: The final section of the Theragatha of the Khuddaka Nikaya contains fifteen poems composed by Venerable Vangisa, the monk whom the Buddha had designated as his foremost disciple in the composition of spontaneous verse. The subject of these poems ranges …”>Vangisa: An Early Buddhist Poet</a> (John D. Ireland; 2005) wheel417_en.pdf (??pages/187KB)</li> <li><a title=“Summary: “The Visuddhimagga is the 'great treatise' of Theravada Buddhism, an encyclopedic manual of Buddhist doctrine and meditation written in the fifth century by the great Buddhist commentator, Bhadantacariya Buddhaghosa. The author's intention …”>Visuddhimagga — The Path of Purification: The Classic Manual of Buddhist Doctrine and Meditation (Third revised online edition)</a> (Bhikkhu Ñāṇamoli; 2011) pathofpurification2011_en.pdf (853pp./2.7MB)</li> <li><a href=”../lib/thai/lee/triplegem_en.html“ title=“Summary: Here Ajaan Lee discusses the nature of the Triple Gem and explores in detail how going for refuge serves to develop the factors in the heart that are necessary for Awakening. (Originally published with Basic Themes.).”>What is the Triple Gem?</a> (Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo, translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu; 1994) triplegem_en.pdf (37pp./311KB)</li> <li><a href=”../lib/authors/thanissaro/wings_en.html“ title=“Summary: The “Wings to Awakening” (bodhipakkhiya-dhamma) is the Buddha's own list of his most important teachings. It includes teachings on the Four Frames of Reference, the Four Right Exertions, the Four Bases of Power, the Five Faculties, the Five …”>Wings to Awakening: An Anthology from the Pali Canon</a> (Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Geoffrey DeGraff); 2011) wings_en.pdf (302pp./2MB)</li> <li><a href=”../lib/authors/horner/wheel030_en.html“ title=“Summary: One of the 20th century's great Pali scholars explores the social and spiritual lives of women in India during the time of the Buddha. Drawing on numerous passages from the suttas, she argues that, despite their traditional domestic roles, women …”>Women in Early Buddhist Literature: A Talk to the All-Ceylon Buddhist Women's Association</a> (I.B. Horner; 2006) wheel030_en.pdf (??pages/268KB)</li> <li><a href=”../lib/authors/silacara/youngpeoples_en.html“ title=“Summary: An account of the life of the Buddha in language that many young adults will find accessible. Although the book is probably too long for most children and it suffers from a few dense and dated passages, much of it brings the Buddha's life and times …”>Young People's Life of the Buddha, A</a> (Bhikkhu Silacara; 2005) youngpeoples_en.pdf (??pages/1MB)</li> </ul>

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