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Ajaan Dune


Title: Ajaan Dune


Ajaan Dune


Gifts He Left Behind: The Dhamma Legacy of Ajaan Dune Atulo, compiled by Phra Bodhinandamuni, translated from the Thai by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (2005; 40pp./119KB) giftsheleft_en.pdf (??pages/0.9MB)

A collection of short anecdotes and quotations from Ajaan Dune, as recalled by one of his long-time monastic comrades. Ajaan Dune's straightforward words are rich with deceptively simple insights that reflect a profound grasp of Dhamma. His unique presentation of the four noble truths, which echoes through these pages, is breathtakingly clear: “The mind sent outside is the origination of suffering; the result of the mind sent outside is suffering; the mind seeing the mind is the path; and the result of the mind seeing the mind is the cessation of suffering.”

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