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Somdet Phra Wanrut (Tup Buddhasiri)


Title: Somdet Phra Wanrut (Tup Buddhasiri)


Somdet Phra Wanrut (Tup Buddhasiri)


Note: A fine collection of books and transcriptions of talks by Ven. Somdet Phra Wanrut can be found on the website Wide Angle Lens, by Ven. Hāsapañño Bhikkhu.

Saṅkhitt'ovād: Exhortations in Brief, by Ven. Somdet Phra Wanrut (Tup Buddhasiri), translated from Thai by Ven. Hāsapañño Bhikkhu (2013; p./ KB) exhortations_en.pdf (52 S./0,7MB)

<a href=“exhortations_en.pdf” title=“Click here to download the book as pdf” ><img style=“float:left;padding-right:1em;padding-bottom:1em;padding-top:0.3em;” width=“80” src=“exhortations.jpg” alt=“[Titel Buch]” /></a>A skilfully compiled collection of talks that form a progressive discourse on how to understand and practise the Buddha's teachings about meditation.

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