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Off-site Resources


Title: Off-site Resources: Printed books


Off-site Resources

Printed books


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<li class='first'>[[foreign|Non-English Tipitaka]]</li>
<li>Printed books</li>
<li>[[e-books|Online books]]</li>


<p><b>Note:</b> I can't vouch for the quality of all the materials offered on the external sites listed here. Some are more useful than others. Use your own best judgment. To report errors or to recommend sites to add to this list, please contact me.</p>

<h1><a name=“dhammadana” id=“dhammadana”>Books available free of charge</a></h1> <dl class='bookList'>

<!– jtb 2010.07.03 can't find anything about them on the web. I'm not sure they exist anymore. <dt>Buddha Pradipa Centre</dt>

<dd><small>(Sri Lanka)</small>. According to a flyer I received in February 2006, this group does "free distribution of Dhamma books and Buddhism-related charitable work." The flyer lists 75 titles, including many [[#bps|BPS]] <i>Wheel</i> booklets.

<dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Buddha Pradipa Centre<br /> No. 25 1/3 U C Building<br /> Alagalla Road<br /> Kadugannawa<br /> Sri Lanka<br /> Tel: +94 (0) 777-46045 and -223676</dd> </dl> </dd> –>

<dt>Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation</dt>

<dd><small>(Taiwan)</small>. This organization reprints and distributes free Dhamma books from many Buddhist traditions, including Theravada.

<!– <dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation<br /> 3F, 55, Sec.1, Hang-Chow S. Road<br /> Taipei<br /> Taiwan, ROC<br /> Tel: +886 2-2395-1198<br /> Fax: +886 2-2391-3415</dd> </dl> </dd> –>

<!– jtb 090603 DDP no longer sends out free books. <dt>Dhamma Dana Publications</dt>

<dd><small>(USA)</small>. Dhamma Dana Publications is dedicated to bringing a long-standing Buddhist tradition to America by making high-quality books on Buddhist teachings available for free distribution. Through the generosity of individual donors like yourself, Dhamma Dana publishes original works, whether based on critical scholarly interpretation of the canonical teachings, or on the unique perspective that arises from extensive practical meditative experience. Call or write for more information. Recent offerings include: <i>[[en:tipitaka:sut:kn:dhp:index|Dhammapada: A Translation]]</i> and <i>[[en:tipitaka:sut:kn:iti:iti.intro.than|Itivuttaka: A Translation]].</i>

<dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Dhamma Dana Publications<br /> c/o Barre Center For Buddhist Studies<br /> 149 Lockwood Road<br /> Barre, MA 01005<br /> USA<br /> Tel: +1 978-355-2347<br /> Fax: +1 978-355-2798</dd> </dl> –> </dd>

<dt>Inward Journey Books</dt>

<dd><small>(Malaysia)</small>. Inward Journey is a series of free Dhamma books by such authors as Nyanaponika Thera, Sayadaw U Silananda, and Francis Story. Contact the publisher, Inward Path, at the address below if you are interested in obtaining books, sponsoring the publication of a particular book, or contributing towards the publication of Dhamma books.

<!– <dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Inward Path Publisher<br /> House of Inward Journey<br /> 52 Level D (3rd Floor)<br /> Rangoon Road, Off Burma Road<br /> 10400 Georgetown<br /> Penang, Malaysia <br /> Tel/Fax: +60 4 6264 696</dd> </dl> –> </dd>

<dt>Metta Forest Monastery</dt>

<dd><small>(USA)</small>. The monastery distributes free books from the Thai forest traditions, including translations of teachings by [[en:lib:thai:index#lee|Ajaan Lee]], [[en:lib:thai:index#kee|Upasika Kee]], [[en:lib:thai:index#fuang|Ajaan Fuang]], and [[en:lib:thai:index#suwat|Ajaan Suwat]], as well as books by [[en:lib:authors:thanissaro:index|Thanissaro Bhikkhu]], including <i>[[en:lib:authors:thanissaro:wings:index|The Wings to Awakening: An Anthology from the Pali Canon]]</i> and <i>[[en:lib:authors:thanissaro:likefire:index|Mind Like Fire Unbound: An Image in the Early Buddhist Discourses]].</i>

<dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Metta Forest Monastery<br /> P.O. Box 1409<br /> Valley Center, CA 92082<br /> USA</dd> </dl> </dd>

<dt>Sati Center for Buddhist Studies</dt>

<dd><small>(USA)</small>. The Sati Center distributes copies of <i>Handful of Leaves,</i> an anthology of sutta translations by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

<dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Sati Center for Buddhist Studies<br /> 108 Birch St.<br /> Redwood City, CA 94062<br /> USA<br /> Tel: +1 415-646-0530</dd> </dl> </dd>

<dt>Singapore Buddhist Meditation Centre</dt>

<small>(Singapore)</small>. This group offers a good selection of titles by such authors as Vens. Narada, Piyadassi, Sarada, and Dhammananda. Most are available with a "voluntary donation."

<dt>Wat Pah Baan Taad</dt>

<dd><small>(Thailand)</small>. Wat Pah Baan Taad is the forest monastery of Ajaan Maha Boowa. The website provides a list of free books by Maha Boowa, many of which are available upon request in both print and electronic formats.

<dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Wat Pah Baan Taad<br /> Baan Taad<br /> Ampher Meuang<br /> Udorn Thani 41000<br /> Thailand</dd> </dl> </dd>

<dt>Wisdom Audio-Visual Exchange</dt>

<dd><small>(Malaysia)</small>. WAVE has an extensive catalog of Dhamma books for free distribution, with titles by such authors as [[en:lib:thai:index#lee|Ajaan Lee]], [[en:lib:thai:index#chah|Ajaan Chah]], Mahasi Sayadaw, and many others. WAVE welcomes donations to sponsor publication of new books or to reprint old titles.

<dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Mrs Lim Tay Poh<br /> c/o No. 1187, Jalan 17/46<br /> Petaling Jaya<br /> 46400 Selangor<br /> Malaysia</dd> </dl> </dd> </dl>

<h1>Books for sale &nbsp;<a title=“Go to top of page” class='back' href=“#top” name='commercial' id=“commercial”>&nbsp;</a></h1> <p>All the major commercial booksellers nowadays have at least a few Theravada-related titles in their catalogues. The following booksellers either specialize in Theravada or have a noteworthy collection of Theravada titles. All provide international mail-order service.</p> <dl class='bookList'>

<dt>Buddhist Cultural Centre</dt>

<dd><small>(Sri Lanka)</small>. The Buddhist Cultural Centre is a nonprofit distributor of Buddhist books. Their catalog includes an unusual and wide-ranging selection of books, many of which are impossible to find in the US.

<!– <dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Buddhist Cultural Centre<br /> 125, Anderson Road<br /> Nedimala<br /> Dehiwala<br /> Sri Lanka<br /> Tel: +94 1-734256<br /> Fax: +94 1-736737</dd> </dl> –> </dd>

<dt>Buddhist Publication Society</dt>

<dd><small>(Sri Lanka)</small>. The BPS is a nonprofit publisher of books on Theravada Buddhism, with an excellent international mail-order service. Their current international mail-order catalog is available from their website. The BPS runs the Nyanaponika Dhamma Dana Project, which distributes free copies of BPS publications to libraries and schools. Publications from the BPS are distributed in the USA by [[#pariyatti|Pariyatti]], in Canada by [[#sourcevipassana|SourceVipassana]] and in Europe by [[#wisdombooksUK|Wisdom Books]]. <i>(You may [[en:lib:bpslist|read a selection of titles from the BPS right now]].)</i>

<dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Buddhist Publication Society<br /> P.O. Box 61<br /> No. 54, Sangharaja Mawatha<br /> Kandy<br /> Sri Lanka<br /> Tel: +94 81-223-7283 &amp; 81-223-8901<br /> Fax: +94 81-222-3679</dd> </dl> </dd>

<dt>Dharma Publishing</dt>

<dd><small>(USA)</small>. Although Dharma Publishing publishes and sells books primarily from the Nyingma Tibetan Buddhist tradition, some of their titles — especially their series of beautifully illustrated children's books of the Jataka tales — will also be of interest to Theravadins.</dd>

<!– <dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Dharma Publishing<br /> 2910 San Pablo Ave.<br /> Berkeley, CA 94702<br /> USA<br /> Tel: +1 510-548-5407 &amp; 800-873-4276<br /> Fax: +1 510-548-2230</dd> </dl> </dd> –>

<dt>Maithri Publications</dt>

<dd><small>(Sri Lanka)</small>. Maithri Publications offers an unusual selection of books on Theravada Buddhism, many of which are usually hard to find outside Sri Lanka. Their catalogue includes books on Dhamma, Kamma, Nirvana, Buddhist Psychology, and Philosophy. Books may be ordered using their state-of-the-art secure online ordering service.</dd>

<dt>Pali Text Society</dt>

<dd><small>(UK)</small>. Since its founding in 1881, this nonprofit organization has been the world's pre-eminent publisher of texts from the Pali canon. The PTS offers offer a hardbound edition of the complete Tipitaka in romanized Pali, and most of the Tipitaka in English translation. Some of their translations of key texts are now very badly out of date, and have been superseded by more fluent translations from other publishers (for example, their translation of the Digha Nikaya dates back to 1899; Maurice Walshe's <i>Long Discourses of The Buddha,</i> published by [[#wisdom|Wisdom Publications]] in 1987, is a much more useful text). Nevertheless, many of their translations are still valuable. Their romanized Pali editions are indispensable tools for the serious Pali student. PTS books are distributed in North America by [[#pariyatti|Pariyatti]].

<!– <dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Pali Text Society<br /> c/o Gazelle<br /> White Cross Mills<br /> High Town<br /> Lancaster, LA1 4XS England<br /> Tel: +44 (0) 1524 528530</dd> </dl> –> </dd>


<dd><small>(USA)</small>. Pariyatti (formerly Pariyatti Book Service) is a nonprofit bookseller with a large online catalog of books on Buddhism and meditation from various publishers. Pariyatti is the official North American distributor for the [[#bps|Buddhist Publication Society]] and the [[#pts|Pali Text Society]].

<!– <dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Pariyatti<br /> 867 Larmon Road<br /> Onalaska, WA 98570<br /> USA<br /> Tel: +1 360-978-4998<br /> Fax: +1 360-978-4557</dd> </dl> –> </dd>


<dd><small>(Canada)</small>. Canadian distributor of books published by the [[#bps|Buddhist Publication Society]].


<dt>Wisdom Books</dt>

<dd><small>(UK)</small>. Wisdom Books is a for-profit publisher and distributor of Buddhist books and is the official European distributor for the [[#bps|Buddhist Publication Society]].

<!– <dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Wisdom Books<br /> 25 Stanley Road<br /> Ilford<br /> Essex, IG1 1RW<br /> England<br /> Tel: +44 208 553 5020<br /> Fax: +44 208 553 5122</dd> </dl> –> </dd>

<dt>Wisdom Publications</dt>

<dd><small>(USA)</small>. Wisdom is a nonprofit publisher and distributor of Buddhist books, including several important modern translations of the Digha, Majjhima, and Samyutta Nikayas.

<!– <dl class='contact'> <dt>Contact:</dt> <dd>Wisdom Publications<br /> 199 Elm Street<br /> Somerville, MA 02144<br /> USA<br /> Tel: +1 800 272-4050</dd> </dl> –> </dd> </dl>

<!– robots content='none' –> <!– the following list is brought to you in living color by GetHList() –> <ul class='hlist'>

<li class='first'>[[foreign|Non-English Tipitaka]]</li>
<li>Printed books</li>
<li>[[e-books|Online books]]</li>


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