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Page templates

For namespace-templates see/use also other language spaces!

The feature namespace_templates allows the use of templates used when creating a new page and makes it easier for everyone. The plugin:include allows to put certain sections of other pages and their section into a page.

In using both features, it is objected to maintain one page, having all particular template header and footer included where changes are easy and global to maintain: See template includes for headers and footer usage.

This page contains the drafts and current templates for the namespaces, headed by the ID of the namespace.

Note: If edits are made for templates in a certain namespace and files already exist there, it is needed to use the replacement tool and edit the files in the section accordingly the edits done here.

en dictionary

ID: en:dictionary:_template
Used in dictionary
Status: aktiv

Issues: problem when section does not exist in included page. See also [] Namespace templats and "include

Solve: Large reference pages, like dictionaries, need to have two section titel before the header code. See ati_glossary. The plugin:include-code needs to be enriched with firstsectiononly as well.


<div dic_box><WRAP centeralign>**@PAGE@**</WRAP>
Pāḷi; √ //[[@PAGE@]]//\\
//gender:// …\\
//type:// …\\
//alt. sp.:// @PAGE@\\
//translation ~:// …\\
//skr.:// …\\
//khmer:// [[km:dictionary:@FILE@|…]]\\
//thai:// [[th:dictionary:@FILE@|…]]\\
//sinhal.:// [[si:dictionary:@FILE@|…]]\\
//burm.:// [[my:dictionary:@FILE@|…]]\\
//appears:// …
<span hide>{{en:dictionary:@FILE@.jpg}}</span>

====== @PAGE@ ======

<span info>Please add missing districts, give the right spelling, in the page title, beginn of text, and header in the box, such as ñ, ṭ, ā... when new created and delete this span here.</span>

**@PAGE@**: <span sgdana>Description welcome. Info can be removed after imput</span>.

==== ATI Glossary ====


==== Buddhist Dictionary ====
//by late Ven. [[en:lib:authors:nyanatiloka:|Nyanalokita Thera]]://


==== PTS Dictionary ====
//by the Pali Text Society://


==== Glossary Thanissaro ====
//by Ven. [[en:lib:authors:thanissaro:|Thanissaro Maha Thera]]://


==== Glossary various Teacher ====


==== See also ====

**Suttas and Dhammadesanā**


  * [[en:wiki:@FILE@|@PAGE@]] in the [[wiken>index|wiki-section]].

==== Info & meta data ====
<hidden onHidden="[open]" onVisible="[close]">
  * You can add an record of the Pali, and [[|upload it]]. (//Change "pi" to "en" for english words. The file should be without diacritics, lowcase and mp3. Change diacritics in link and remove this encouragement here.//)

  * //You are given to add additional sources/Dictionaries. Consider the use and modification of [[en:tech:page_templates]] if wishing to include a certain dictionary to many pages. Edits of Dictionary content can be made in the paticulary source file.//

**meta data**

---- dataentry metadata ----
page ID: @ID@
pagename: @PAGE@
file: @FILE@
permanent link:
page initially given by: [[user:@NAME@:index|@NAME@]]
page creation date: @DATE@
origin author and source: see [[en:dictionary:source_of_dictionaries]].
source: various, see [[en:dictionary:source_of_dictionaries]]
edits: see [[en:dictionary:source_of_dictionaries]]
edition: @DATE@
scope of gift: **This is a gift of Dhamma** and given to use for any skilful/wholesome purpose and undertaking but not for any commercial use or other use of exchange for worldly aims. For additional information see [[en:dhamma-dana|Dhamma-Dana]] and possible details at the [[en:dictionary:source_of_dictionaries|source pages]] for included parts. Much joy in using and share of the merits!
owner of this copy: Sublime [[en:wiki:sangha:Sangha]] of the eight directions.
current maintainer: The [[aramika]] and monastic disciples on [[|]]
dedications of editors: [[user:@NAME@]]: for the Sublime Saṅgha of the Buddha and those following and interested, and so then benefiting my persons teachers, parents and ancestors, all beings welfare.

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