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Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project


Title: Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project: Pali Tipitaka Source Texts


Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project

Pali Tipitaka Source Texts


<p>The Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project is a public domain electronic version of the Pali Canon.(1) It is presented here in in its raw, unformatted form. The SLTP edition is known to contain transcription errors; I offer it strictly “as-is”. Apart from the changes listed at the bottom of this page, I have no plans to make any corrections. If you are performing serious research you will definitely want to cross-reference this edition with other editions that have been more thoroughly proofread. Use at your own risk!

Please also bear in mind that the translations that appear on Access to Insight are <i>not</i> derived from this SLTP edition, but from other Tipitaka editions — most notably the PTS, Thai, and Burmese editions. There are significant differences between the various editions. Pali students might nevertheless find this SLTP edition useful as a starting point in their studies.

This is the Unicode (UTF-8) version, which contains all the Pali diacritics. A modern Unicode font is required to view the non-roman characters correctly.

I have inserted HTML anchors in the files to facilitate linking to specific PTS page numbers. For example, you'll find the Pali that appears on page 123 of the Pali Text Society edition of volume II of the Digha Nikaya at this link: DN_II_utf8.html#pts.123.

Most sutta translations on the website now link directly to these pages; simply click on the PTS reference number that appears above the sutta title and the Pali will appear in a new browser window or tab.</p>

<p>If you use Internet Explorer 8 and experience unacceptably slow browser performance when viewing these large files, try switching to “Compatibility View”. According to an article on the IE Blog: <i>“A new UI button located in the navigation bar just to the right of the address bar (next to the refresh button) controls the Compatibility View feature&hellip;”</i></p>

<p style=“text-align:right;font-size:70%”>Thank you, A.Z., for this tip!</p>

<p>The files:</p> <ul> <li>Digha Nikaya: <a href=“DN_I_utf8.html” target='pali'>D i</a> | <a href=“DN_II_utf8.html” target='pali'>D ii</a> | <a href=“DN_III_utf8.html” target='pali'>D iii</a></li> <li>Majjhima Nikaya: <a href=“MN_I_utf8.html” target='pali'>M i</a> | <a href=“MN_II_utf8.html” target='pali'>M ii</a> | <a href=“MN_III_utf8.html” target='pali'>M iii</a></li> <li>Samyutta Nikaya: <a href=“SN_I_utf8.html” target='pali'>S i</a> | <a href=“SN_II_utf8.html” target='pali'>S ii</a> | <a href=“SN_III_utf8.html” target='pali'>S iii</a> | <a href=“SN_IV_utf8.html” target='pali'>S iv</a> | <a href=“SN_V_utf8.html” target='pali'>S v</a></li> <li>Anguttara Nikaya: <a href=“AN_I_utf8.html” target='pali'>A i</a> | <a href=“AN_II_utf8.html” target='pali'>A ii</a> | <a href=“AN_III_utf8.html” target='pali'>A iii</a> | <a href=“AN_IV_utf8.html” target='pali'>A iv</a> | <a href=“AN_V_utf8.html” target='pali'>A v</a></li> <li>Khuddaka Nikaya: <ul> <li><a href=“Khp_utf8.html” target='pali'>Khp</a>

<li><a href=“Vv_utf8.html” target='pali'>Vv</a>

<li><a href=“J_I_utf8.html” target='pali'>J i</a> | <a href=“J_II_utf8.html” target='pali'>J ii</a> | <a href=“J_III_utf8.html” target='pali'>J iii</a> | <a href=“J_IV_utf8.html” target='pali'>J iv</a> | <a href=“J_V_utf8.html” target='pali'>J v</a> | | <a href=“J_VI_utf8.html” target='pali'>J vi</a></li> <li><a href=“Nidd_I_utf8.html” target='pali'>Nidd i</a>

<li><a href=“Ap_I_utf8.html” target='pali'>Ap i</a>

</ul> </li> </ul>

<h1>Note</h1> <dl>


Until recently, the SLTP edition of the Tipitaka was distributed online by the Journal of Buddhist Ethics ( As of January, 2011, the JBE has a new website, but according to its editors, has no plans to continue distributing the SLTP Tipitaka. I am still trying to track down where an authoritative online version of the the SLTP Tipitaka can be found. Mettanet-Lanka does have a version of the SLTP files ( , but I am awaiting clarification from their editors as to whether this is can be considered “authoritative”. — jtb, 2011.02.21


Change log

<p>I have made a few edits to the original SLTP files to improve compatibility with the rest of the website. In the notes that follow, “first 123 &rarr; 456” means “the first occurrence of page number 123 was changed to 456”.</p> <dl>



<li>PTS page numbering corrections:

		first 624 &rarr; 614; first 625 &rarr; 615  
<li>Verse numbering corrections:
	<li><b>Vv_utf8.html:</b> second 1060 &rarr; 1076</li>
	<li><b>Vv_utf8.html:</b> second 1091 &rarr; 1094</li>
	<li><b>Vv_utf8.html:</b> first 1170 &rarr; 1107</li>
	<li><b>Vv_utf8.html:</b> first 1273 &rarr; 1272</li>

<li>Note duplicate PTS page numbers (left unchanged):
	<li><b>Ap_II_utf8.html:</b> 514</li>
	<li><b>Cp_utf8.html:</b> 073</li>
	<li><b>J_III_utf8.html:</b> 133, 175 (x3), 262</li>
	<li><b>J_IV_utf8.html:</b> 014, 053</li>
	<li><b>J_VI_utf8.html:</b> 236</li>
	<li><b>Nidd_I_utf8.html:</b> 100, 276, 387, 416</li>
	<li><b>Nidd_II_utf8.html:</b> 001, 008, 051</li>
	<li><b>Patis_I_utf8.html:</b> v1 p025</li>
	<li><b>Pv_utf8.html:</b> 057</li>
	<li><b>Vv_utf8.html:</b> 021</li>
<li>Note duplicate verse numbers (left unchanged):
	<li><b>Vv_utf8.html:</b> 763, 1060, 1091, 1170, 1273</li>



<ol><li>PTS page numbering corrections.


	<b>DN_II_utf8:</b> added missing 055<br />
		added missing 132 (approx.); 
		second 100 &rarr; 101;
		second 157 &rarr; 158;
		second 160 &rarr; 168;
		first 173 &rarr; 172;
		first 188 &rarr; 118
 	<br />
		second 129 &rarr; 133;
		added missing 37, 130, 131, 132, 230 (approx.); 
		second 220 &rarr; 228;
	<br />
	<b>SN_III_utf8:</b> 06 &rarr; 067;
		 first 78 &rarr; 73;
		 first 178 &rarr; 173;
		 second 196 &rarr; 197;
		 first 198 &rarr; 193;
		 inserted warnings about a raft of misnumbered pages between 219-225;
		 first 235 &rarr; 230;
		 first 268 &rarr; 267
	<br />
		first 138 &rarr; 134;
		first 166 &rarr; 148;
		pages 146 & 147 are misnumbered and impossible to interpolate using CDB (I don't have the PTS edition at hand with which to correct them); second 220 &rarr; 228;
		first 228 &rarr; 223;
		first 269 &rarr; 268;
		second 277 &rarr; 278;
		second 278 &rarr; 281;
		second 352 &rarr; 354;
		first 378 &rarr; 373;
		436 &rarr; 231;
	 <br />
		second 2 &rarr; 3;
		first 6 &rarr; 7;
		first 142 &rarr; 141;
		first 397 &rarr; 307;
	<br />
	<b>AN_III_utf8:</b> first 303 &rarr; 302<br />
	<b>AN_IV_utf8:</b> second 106 &rarr; 107;
 		added missing 222;
		 second 273 &rarr; 373;
		 added missing 421, 422, 425, 426
	 <br />
		second 055 &rarr; 056;
		second 224 &rarr; 324;
		second 285 &rarr; 286
	<br />
	<b>Mil_IV_utf8:</b> second 26 &rarr; 27<br />
		second verse 470 &rarr; 472;
		second verse 601 &rarr; 610;
		first 69 &rarr; 60;
	<br />
		first 29 &rarr; 28;
		second 48 &rarr; 49;
	<br />
		first v. 110 &rarr; 100;
		first v. 384-389 &rarr; 484-489;
		second v. 399 &rarr; 499;
		second v. 526,527 &rarr; 626,627;
		first 208 &rarr; 203;
	<br />
	<b>Dhp_utf8:</b> added missing v.44, v.222 [missing chunks of 221 & 222]<br />
	I<b>t_utf8:</b> added missing 008 (approximate location)<br />

</li> </ol>



<li>HTML anchors added at PTS page numbers; PTS page numbers <b>bold</b></li>

	<li>Change: <b>&lt;br&gt;</b>  to: <b>&lt;br/&gt;</b></li>
	<li>Change: <b>&lt;p&gt;</b> to: <b>\r\r&lt;br /&gt;\&nbsp;&lt;br /&gt;</b></li>


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	<div id='F_sourceEdition'></div>
	<div id="F_sourceTitle">This anthology prepared by jtb for Access to Insight.</div>
	<div id="F_atiCopy">This Zugang zur Einsicht edition is <img width="8" src="" alt="[dana/©]" class='cd'/>2013 (ATI 2010-2012).</div>
	<div id="F_zzeCopy">Translations, rebublishing, editing and additions are in the sphere of responsibility of <em>Zugang zur Einsicht</em>.</div>
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