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Cankama Sutta


Title: Cankama Sutta: Walking

Summary: The benefits of walking meditation.

AN 5.29

PTS: A iii 29

Cankama Sutta: Walking

translated from the Pali by

Aggacitta Bhikkhu & Kumara Bhikkhu

Alternate translation: Thanissaro


Monks, there are these five benefits of walking up & down.(1) What five?

One is fit for long journeys; one is fit for striving; one has little disease; that which is eaten, drunk, chewed, tasted, goes through proper digestion; the composure attained by walking up & down is long-lasting.

These, monks, are the five benefits of walking up & down.




Cankama: Walking meditation, usually in the form of walking back and forth along a prescribed path. [— jtb]


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