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Utthana Sutta: Initiative

Utthana Sutta

Summary: url=index.html#snp.2.10.than A stirring exhortation to rekindle your efforts. Wake up.

Sn 2.10 PTS: Sn 331-334

Utthana Sutta: Initiative

translated from the Pali by

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Alternate translation: Ireland

Get up! Sit up! What's your need for sleep? And what sleep is there for the afflicted, pierced by the arrow, oppressed? Get up! Sit up! Train firmly for the sake of peace, Don't let the king of death, — seeing you heedless — deceive you, bring you under his sway. Cross over the attachment to which human & heavenly beings, remain desiring tied. Don't let the moment pass by. Those for whom the moment is past grieve, consigned to hell. Heedless is dust, dust comes from heedlessness has heedlessness on its heels. Through heedfulness & clear knowing you'd remove your own sorrow.

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