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Johann content div into span
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Line 100: Line 100:
 </​div>​ </​div>​
-</​div>​+<span #​h_content_end></​span>​ 
 +<div navigation>​[[./​snp.5.13.than|{{en:​img:​left.png }}]] [[./​snp.5.15.than|{{ en:​img:​right.png}}]]</​div>​
-<div navigation>​[[./​snp.5.13.than|{{en:​img:​left.png }}]] [[./​snp.5.15.than|{{ en:​img:​right.png}}]] 
-<span #​h_content_end></​span>​ 
 <div #​f_footer>​ <div #​f_footer>​
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