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AN 1:17 Pasādakaradhammavaggo, transl. by Ayya Uppalavaṇṇā

AN 01.v17 PTS: AN.i.038 CS: Sltp: AN 1.16.5

17. Pasādakaradhammavaggo


translated from the Pali by

Ayya Uppalavaṇṇā from Galle (edited edition)

Alternate translation:

Alternate formats: -

Aṅguttara Nikāya

1. Ekakanipāta

17. Pasādakaradhammavaggo


[366] Bhikkhus, a bhikkhu has gained, if he directs himself to the forest.

[367] If he is supported on morsel food.

[368] If is satisfied with rag robes limited to three.

[369] If he becomes a teacher.

[370] If he observes the rules of the Discipline.

[371] If he is learned

[372] If he has attained worthiness,

[373] If he has a good appearance.

[376] If he has followers.

[377] If he has a large gathering.

[378] If born in a high family.

[379] If he looks handsome and has polite speech.

[380] If he has few desires.

[381] If the bhikkhu has few ailments

AN 01.v16 AN 01.v18

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