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Samana Johann

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"The person"

A little in regard of my person on convetional level:

Johann is the, by his parents, given birth-name of my person (formal/former worldly name: Johann Brucker). Sāmaṇa could be understood as a denotion of ones stand/profession, and derives from the language of the oldest records of the Buddha's Teachings, the Pāḷi Canon and means “Good/Even/Right-life-leading One” (see sama) and is used for recluses, contemplatives and ascetics in India and in the various religions there till this days.

The Vinaya-formal “Stand-denotion” for him would be Sāmaṇerā, a young Samaṇa, a “buddhist” Monk, a pabbajjā, who has not formal taken/given full ordination within the Bhikkhu Sangha “yet'.

Samaṇa took as a being in the plane of sensuality, in the happy areas, as humanly being (“Geography” Samsaras), at the beginning of the eighties of the last century birth, in a average family, within an area that is called Austria (probably) till today.

As householder, till more then 12 years in the past (2006/2007), Samaṇa could effort to own successful companies with in the “scene-gastronomy” and within the civil engineer are of infrastructure, building, land and water management engineering and survey of land. More then 12 years ago Samaṇa left all his happy worldly things, family, wife, his both children, all of his possessions, privat charity NGO and undertakings back and gifted them under family, friends, fellows and employee, left home with a rucksack toward Cambodia to seek for something which might really solve problems and suffering and to use all his small talents and abilities exclusively for that.

He also met an admirable friend in the “homely” foreign and accepted insecurity outwardly, who became a near and long-time fellow.

After serial smaller and larger self-employed charity undertakings without fundraising, my person found, according to the given causes, the good, not so known, Dhamma of the Buddhas. After living a good time as “homeless” (Anagarika, 10 Silas, since about 2011,12), all trades, vehicles and shoes abounded, he took now on the Robes of the Noble Ones, having again formal requested the Going Forth (Wat Cham Cha, Takeo, Cambodia, preceptor: Ven. Sodhammoraghito). At leas as a additional sign of affiliation and to practice even more in their customs.

As a wandering forest begging monk, crossing the lands, walking thousands of kilometers, he arrived at Phnom (mountain) Aural, within the heart of Kampuchea, it's highest elevation, and as there have been good opportunities given, to get involved in Dhamma-Dana (giving, sharing of the teachings of the Buddha) he got strangely 'settled in a remote cave till this days

How things may go on is all not for sure, but he still thinks that it is good to carry the “burden” of in looking after,, as well as to make the Khmer Tipitaka available in digital form for the Sangha and it's faithful followers, all dedicated for the Sangha of monks of the eight directions and their followers. And yes, he also uses to “disturb” Communities online, if given to do such.

His first formal refuge was by hearing the good Dhamma from a female lay teacher of the Karma Kagyü - school. Renewed later from Venerables of the Sangha. He took/asked for Pabbajjā (going forth with 10 Silas) about 2011 under a Venerable Patriarch of the large group of the Mahanikaya branch of Cambodia, at Kandal province, renewed it with taking on the robes in April 2014 in the Mahavihara branch and took/asked Nissaya 2016 also from the old Dhammayutta Branch (Ven. Indannano Maha Thera), lives for the most apart of Nissaya, any real outward support, and communities on remote places, following the Dhuntangas.

One, if inspired and wishing to follow the dedications, may always feel given to make use of the possibilities in the ”Online-monstery“ as it is surely the best way to get in contact. One get also access to all possibilities here when taking a given account there.

All the efforts via sangham as well as the collections at and are given for all good undertakings, to read, to progress what ever merits with and on it, share them further. They are not dedicated for commercial purposes, for exchanges seeking for worldly bounds as well not for seeking after donations for what ever purpose, meaning given without strings in the world.

Samaṇa rejoices that you directly or indirectly have gone to explore, if having been touched by good deeds and wishes all here touched:

Āyu, vaṇṇā, sukha, bālaṃ - independent of what later might be or arises - meaning “Long life, beauty/honor, well-being/happiness and energy/power”

Dedication of taken and given pictures toward the Sangha and it's follower, for proper use:


In the folder Dhamma-Ermutigungen, within Audiofile-index, you may find short of longer recods of Dhamma-talks as audio-files and video-files to listen directly or download them.

Discussion and messages

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