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Ven.Members of the Saṅgha of the eight directions,
Ven. Fellows on the path, _()_
Valued Upasaka, Upasika,
Dear readers and interested,

This place and possibility has been and is dedicated and given for the Sangha of the sublime Buddha, starting with the first share for the Theras, their co-religion members, Bhikkhunīs, aspirants, Novices, followed by the male and female laypeople and who ever might be interested in this following of the Lord Buddha.

May all beings, having ways to Nissaya, may make use of the gift of Dhamma here, or use the possibility to gain a fundation toward liberation by skillful undertakings.

One may feel given to register and account (then use same user name and password here) for additional possibilities as well to share, out of compassions for the original giver and many, or in using this field of merits, or what ever good undertakings.

In what ever case of question or need, one may feel given to address the issue at or via email to

The invitation includes all possibilities at, as well as the additional given webspace. May the Ven. Sangha make proper use of all as wished.

Monastic fellows, but also their fellows, are given to use the user section for there personal place and storage as well.

Anumodana puñña kusala!

metta and mudita

Samana Johann
Thmo Duk, Airal, Cambodia, 19. August 2018

More Information in regard of general dedication and aspiration, one may find here: objectives

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