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In the stream of implementation and development of's pages there come serial tools into being, given and dedicated for the Sangha and it's following. Here one finds some documentation about them.

Converting lists into txt-files

Upasaka Moritz has dedicated an online tool to generate txt-files from a list, which is useful for the creation of large content of single pages, used for the implementation of the CSCD Tipiṭaka and the Dictionaries and other larger contents. (for it's origination and discussion see How could a dummy create txt-files from excel lists or large text-file?).

Online HTML and JavaScript here:

Text can be pasted into a text area there.

One can select a text encapsulator (default: quote ) and a column delimiter (default: semicolon ;) and then separate the columns by the column delimiter. If a column should include the column delimiter, or a line break (enter), one has to put the contents of the column inside quotes. If one wants to use the text encapsulator (e.g. quote) inside a column content, that is possible by doubling it (e.g. entering “” instead of ), and putting the whole column into encapsulators (e.g. quotes, not doubled).

At the bottom one can enter a filename (for a zip file) and then click on “generate zip”), which will create a zip file with the file and directory structure inside.

Check marks for “include BOM” and “remove (CR) carriage return” are probably good to leave both checked. The first is adding a few bytes to the beginning of the file to tell the operating system what the encoding is (here UTF8). The second is replacing Windows line breaks (CRLF) with Unix line breaks (LF).

As far as I see, currently most or all of the page text files on (at least the ones generated from the CSCD) have the BOM at the start and Unix line breaks.Upasaka Moritz, April 05, 2019

On-Server Indexer

The software's in-build indexer requires an open page and internet connection which became burdensome after 20.000 pages +. Upasaka Moritz has dedicated a script which processes the indexing direct on the server. A related topic on indexing issues can be found here: Indexing and search engine issues

To run it it is required to contact Upasaka Moritz.

I wrote a new script, adapting methods from the CLI script , so that the whole process would run on the server, not needing to have a connection and open browser window all the time to send commands for every single page to be indexed one by one. This should at least be a little bit faster, without the sending commands and responses back and forth, but the speed difference is not really noticeable. So it should, again, be finished in one day.

The current progress can be seen by opening (listing pages that were indexed successfully) and (listing pages which could not be indexed for some reason, currently empty).

There is a counting number before each page name in the lists, so one can see how many pages have already been processed.Upasaka Moritz, March 29, 2019

Cleaning up history

See Ati Maintenance. To run the manually password is required and either Upasaka Moritz or Samana Johann can assist in this matter.

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