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Pañcasata Patacara: Patacara's 500 Students

Pañcasata Patacara

Summary: url=index.html#thig.06.01.than.

Thig 6.1 PTS: Thig 127-132

Pañcasata Patacara: Patacara's 500 Students

translated from the Pali by

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Alternate translation: Olendzki (excerpt)

[Patacara recalls the Buddha's words:]

“You don't know

the path

of his coming or going, that being who has come

from 	where? —

the one you lament as 'my son.' But when you know

the path

of his coming or going, you don't grieve after him, for that is the nature

of beings.

Unasked, he came from there. Without permission, he went from here — coming from where? having stayed a few days. And coming one way from here, he goes yet another

from there.

Dying in the human form, he will go wandering on. As he came, so he has gone —

so what is there
to lament?"

Pulling out

—completely out —

the arrow so hard to see, embedded in my heart, he expelled from me

—overcome with grief —

the grief over my son.

Today — with arrow removed,

without hunger, entirely
Unbound —

to the Buddha, Dhamma, & Sangha I go,

for refuge to
the Sage.

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