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Pāḷi; √ saṁyojana
alt. sp.: samyojana
translation ~:
khmer: សំយោជន



Also spelled saṃyojana, or saṅyojana.

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ATI Glossary

saṁyojana: Fetter that binds the mind to the cycle of rebirth (see vaṭṭa) — self-identification views (sakkāya-diṭṭhi), uncertainty (vicikiccha), grasping at precepts and practices (sīlabbata-parāmāsa); sensual passion (kāma-rāga), resistance (vyāpāda); passion for form (rūpa-rāga), passion for formless phenomena (arūpa-rāga), conceit (māna), restlessness (uddhacca), and unawareness (avijjā). Compare anusaya.


Buddhist Dictionary

by late Ven. Nyanalokita Thera:

saṁyojana: 'fetters'. There are 10 fetters tying beings to the wheel of existence, namely:

The first five of these are called 'lower fetters' (orambhāgiya-saṁyojana), as they tie to the sensuous world. The latter 5 are called 'higher fetters' (uddhambhāgiya-saṁyojana), as they tie to the higher worlds, i.e. the fine-material and immaterial world (AN 9.67, AN 9.68; AN 9.68; DN 33, etc.).

He who is free from 1-3 is a Sotāpanna, or Stream-winner, i.e. one who has entered the stream to Nibbāna, as it were. He who, besides these 3 fetters, has overcome 4 and 5 in their grosser form, is called a Sakadāgāmi, a 'Once-returner' (to this sensuous world). He who is fully freed from 1-5 is an Anāgāmī, or 'Non-returner' (to the sensuous world). He who is freed from all the 10 fetters is called an Arahat, i.e. a perfectly Holy One. For more details, see ariya-puggala.

The 10 fetters as enumerated in the Abhidhamma, e.g. Vibhaṅga XVII, are: sensuous craving, ill-will, conceit, wrong views, sceptical doubt, clinging to mere rules and ritual, craving for existence, envy, stinginess, ignorance.


PTS Dictionary

by the Pali Text Society:

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Glossary Thanissaro

Saṁyojana: Fetter. The ten fetters binding the mind to repeated birth and death are self-identity views, uncertainty, grasping at precepts and practices, sensual passion, irritation, passion for form, passion for formlessness, conceit, restlessness, and ignorance. The first three fetters are abandoned at the first level of Awakening, called stream-entry; the next two are abandoned at the third level of Awakening, called non-returning; and remaining five are abandoned at the fourth and final level of Awakening, arahantship.


Glossary various Teacher

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Suttas and Dhammadesanā

saṁyojana : (fetter)


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